OSSPID Sign-up

User needs to sign-up at first for taking any service (either Government or other). OSSPID will gives you the facility to Sign-up easily with your saved information for any online service. Only one time you provide your minimum required information to OSSPID, it can be used for multiple services. To be informed you that your provided information to OSSPID is secure and easily accessible by only you from anywhere and anytime

OSSPID login

The first time you sign in to OSSPID, you have to sign-up with some personal information. If the email and the mobile number are correct, login will be confirmed through email & OTP (One-Time Password). Your OSSPID account will give you safe access to apply for a variety of government services. When applying for a government service, apply through OSSPID, if you do not have a user, please register for a new user.

Verify your identity through OSSPID

Provide information through OSSPID in privacy & secure way to verify your identity. National Identity card or passport will be required to verify the information. Confirm the identity through accurate information.

Share your information securely

Only provide proof of identity once

Only provide proof of address once

OSSPID for business and government

OSSPID makes it easier for people to access and use online services offered by both government and the private sector. The service has been created to build trust and confidence by adhering to Bangladesh Government security, identity and privacy legislation.